two colour combination for bedroom walls

Get a Harmonious Vibe in the Room with Just Two Colours in Combination

Make Your Walls Look Talking with Two Colours’ Combination for Room Walls

Looking to transform your living room or bedrooms? Now you can give some personality to any of your favourite areas in the house with just a little twist and the paint colours. Just one colour can be boring, so here the superhit two-colour combination for bedroom walls is suggested that will add glamour to your walls with just a little splash of them. 

1. Mauve and Emerald 

Mauve reflects romantic and passionate sentiments. And this two-colour combination for bedroom walls lets each other bring out their beauty and vibrance. For quality work, buy the tinge of Mauve and emerald for your home from Dulux Paints.

2. Marigold and French Blue 

Introduce rich, dramatic, and intense feelings with the combination of dominating marigold and French blue. For the best shades in this two-colour combination for bedroom walls, you can refer to the Dulux colour palette. 

3. Hunter Green and Lilac

Though this is not a common colour combination, you can take its inspiration from nature. Perfectly scaled hunter black when scaled with soft and gentle lilac, it creates an awesome visual and feels. 

4. Cherry and Blush

These two colours go well with each other as cherry combines well with warm shades like blush.

5. Teal and Chartreuse 

This two-colour combination for bedroom walls is just perfect if you want a rustic and nature-inspired interior look. Chartreuse is a fanciful yet lighter and gentler shade which seems eye-catching with bright and rich teal. 

6. Rose and White

All tints of rose look great with white and light grey colours. If you want to expose the deeper impact of rose, you can pair rose tints with a gradient colour palette and choose between creamy white or blushing white. 

7. Grapefruit and Sage 

The gentle greyish-green tint is a perfect two-colour combination for bedrooms as grapefruit creates a peaceful backdrop for rest and sage balances the too dull effect as it is a bright tone that refreshes the feel of the room and invigorates the ambience. 

8. Lilac and Olive

If you want to set a feminine and serene effect in any setting, use these two colours. On the one hand, lilac looks contemporary and stylish, on the other olive brings in fun and a soft new look.

9. Green and Red Brick

If you want to enhance the vitality of any room or any other space, place a brick wall opposite the accent and a colourful wall as the brick texture adds not only aesthetics but also dimension in contrast with the clean surface.

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