Create a relaxing living room by pairing warm hues, like copper orange, with soft neutrals and natural materials.
Relax with warm copper orange.

Relax in style with warm copper orange

Decorate your living room in warm hues and soft neutrals.

Breathe and unwind

After a hectic day, there’s nothing nicer than returning home to a living room where you can escape and unwind. For a stylish colour scheme that soothes the senses, why not try pairing whites and neutrals with warm copper orange – our 2015 Colour of the Year.

Make a statement

One of the easiest ways to create a space that encourages relaxation is with warm colours. Here, the neutral walls and modern furniture in this living room have been brought to life instantly with the simple addition of a statement wall painted copper orange. The earthy, clay tones of copper orange evoke warmth and intimacy, while the neutral colours used throughout the rest of the room create a calming effect.

Back to nature

To make the copper orange really glow, complement it with accessories and fabric in similar tones, such as velvet cushions, wooden furniture and copper candle holders. Enhance the cosy feel of the room with soft textured throws – you could even add a cowhide for a contemporary twist. The combination of warm colours and natural materials will emulate the tranquillity of nature, creating the perfect space to unwind in.

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