Looking for decorating inspiration? Be inspired by the 2015 trend ‘Big nature: small me’. It’s all about embracing nature using warm, earthy tones.
Embrace nature with earthy tones

Embrace nature with earthy tones

Escape modern life with warm colours and cosy corners.

Big nature: small me

If you feel like escaping the hectic constraints of modern life and want to create a sanctuary at home, you’re in luck. ‘Big nature, small me’ is one of next year’s key trends, encouraging us to bring the flowing, free essence of nature into our homes.

Get close to nature

If you’re inspired by the enormity of nature, but still seek a sense of security, you’ll find that you can embrace both in your home. Using colour and styling in clever ways, it’s easy to celebrate ‘big nature’, while still creating warm, cosy spaces to snuggle up in.

Planet earth

Rich earthy tones of ochre, sepia brown and sienna orange capture the sun-scorched feel of the Arizona desert – vast and awe-inspiring, yet strikingly beautiful. Why not try using these colours in your home to encapsulate this feeling of space and freedom? To break up a large room, you could use a beautifully painted screen or create the illusion of a low wall. Then just add a cosy sofa to sit back, relax and unwind after a long day.

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