Accent wall ideas

Creating a patterned accent wall is really about letting your creative side play

A patterned accent wall is a special twist on the regular accent wall idea. While a typical accent wall might just be a different colour than the other walls in the room, a patterned accent wall takes it a step further. Instead of a solid colours , this wall has a design—like stripes, flowers, or geometric shapes—that makes it stand out even more. It's like choosing a wallpaper with a fun print for just one wall or painting a cool design on it.

So, thinking about giving your room a makeover? A patterned accent wall could be just the thing to add that special touch, making your space feel fresh and full of personality.

Patterned wall designs

Finding Your Pattern Style

Let's walk through some options and find the pattern that feels like "you."

- Geometric Shapes: Got a thing for everything neat and tidy? Geometric patterns could be your jam. Picture straight lines of squares, triangles, or hexagons giving your room a sleek, modern edge. It’s for those who dig a space that looks clean and sharp.

- Stripes: Stripes have a bit of magic to them. They can stretch a room taller or wider, depending on how you run them. Vertical stripes can push your ceilings higher, and horizontal ones can make a room feel more spacious. They’re a simple way to add a dash of sophistication without going overboard.

wall design ideas

- Floral Designs: If you’re all about bringing the outdoors in, floral patterns are like a gentle breeze for your room. Big, bold flowers or soft, small petals, it doesn’t matter. They all sprinkle a bit of that garden feel inside, cosying up any space.

- Abstract Prints: Ready to make a bold statement? Abstract patterns are for those who want to break the mould. They’re a mix of shapes and colours that don’t look like anything specific but are sure to spark conversations and turn heads.


Picking the Perfect Pattern:

- Set the Tone: What’s this room’s role? A chill spot for relaxing (your bedroom) or a lively area for chat and laughs (your living room)? Pick a pattern that sets the right mood.

- Blend or Pop: Peek at your room’s current look. Your new patterned wall should feel like part of the crew, not the odd one out. It should match your room’s style, not crash against it.

- Be You: The golden rule? Pick a pattern that makes you smile. This wall is your chance to splash a bit of your personality across your space.

Remember, a patterned accent wall is a chance to be bold and creative. So, have fun exploring different accent wall ideas and find the pattern that feels just right for you.


DIY Patterns vs. Wallpaper

You can either grab a brush and paint it yourself or go the wallpaper route. Both ways have their perks and their not-so-great sides. Let’s walk through them to help you figure out what works best for you.

DIY Wall decor

Painting Patterns by Hand<

The Good Stuff: When you decide to paint the wall yourself, you get to make all the choices. You pick the colours and the size of the patterns. It's usually more wallet-friendly since you're just buying paint and a couple of tools. Plus, there's a pretty awesome feeling of accomplishment when you step back and see your work.

The Tricky Bits: It's not always a breeze, though. Painting your own patterns means you'll need a good chunk of time, a lot of patience, and a steady hand. Going for something fancy? You might find it's a bit harder than you thought. And if you made a mistake, getting things back to looking right can be a pain.


Using Wallpaper

The Good Stuff: Wallpaper is like the buffet of design options—there’s a ton to choose from, whether you want something understated or super bold. It can quickly transform a room into looking like you had a pro decorator in there. Changing your mind later? Swapping it out isn’t too hard.

The Tricky Bits: The downside? Wallpaper can make your wallet a bit lighter, especially for the really nice stuff. Even though it's gotten easier to put up, you still need to be careful to match up the patterns just right and avoid air bubbles. And if you ever want to take it down, be ready for a bit of elbow grease.

So, what’s it going to be? If you’re excited about creating something totally your own and you’ve got the time, painting could be incredibly rewarding. But if you’re after a wide selection and something that looks spot-on without as much effort, wallpaper might just be your ticket. Ultimately, it’s about what makes you happy and what you’re up for.

So why not take the plunge? Experiment with different patterned accent wall ideas to find the one that speaks to you. Remember, there's no right or wrong here. It's all about what makes you feel happy and at home.

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