Looking for a warm shade of white? Try ivory, a classic and understated hue that always provides the perfect backdrop.

The most flattering shade of white

Ivory is a classic hue that always provides the perfect backdrop.

A pretty off-white with the gentlest hint of yellow, ivory is a warm neutral hue that possesses both the crispness of white and the earthiness of beige. A versatile neutral, ivory is one of those magical colours that can be worked into almost any interior space.

While ivory is as clean and pure as brilliant white, it is also softer, richer and (because of its yellow undertone) warmer, making it ideal for emphasising the sense of space in a small area or brightening a north-facing room. Classic and understated, it never shouts ‘look at me’, but instead provides a calm backdrop against which other colours stand out. Create contrast by pairing ivory with black or a rich navy blue, or complement ivory’s warm tones by mixing it with a yellow-based grey, such as taupe or an earthy sandstone.