Bright Rooms With No Windows

How to Brighten a Room With No Windows?

Bright Room Colours

There is no home where there isn’t a room that falls in this category. With the shrinking of urban spaces and more and more clusters of housings coming up, an equitable distribution of light in all the corners of the house, seems like a distant idea. But, with the smart design hacks, even the darkest rooms can now seem visually brighter and more pleasing. Here, we will talk about all the colours that you can apply on your walls and make the room transition to brightness and with an illusion of more light. Read on to know how you can make those spaces of your house seem more appealing. 


This lavender hue of colour is perfect for dark spaces. Solitaire as a shade has warmer undertones and can add the element of coziness in any space that it is added to. This purple based taupe isn’t overtly feminine and can be utilized ubiquitously in almost any space. You can pair it with complementing pastels or with forever consistent neutrals to give you the visual aesthetic that you are looking for. 


When you don’t have much natural light to play with, then a shade like slicker with its brightness and the ever-charming yellow shade can make a great case for creating artificial light and warmth that is missing in the room. Even in cases where the rooms have very tiny windows or sources of natural light, Slicker can work to bounce the light in the most effective way to create a beautiful space. So, if you are planning to add warmth to a cold place, then Slicker is your best bet!

Angels Eyes:

This powder blue shade will give your room the illusion that is floating on a cloud and is filled with breeze. If the room is lacking in natural lighting, then Angels Eyes, will compensate for the lack of brightness with its fresh breeziness to create a wonderful and an inviting space. It is ideal for bathrooms or any other such space where you can fill in some visual brightness. 


You cannot go wrong with a bright orange shade like orangery. This might seem a bit bold, but believe us when we say a shade like orangery falls on the walls in a dark roomnot only creates the necessary warmth, but also makes for a great case of sleek chicness. 


Some might say that if a room is dark, and you add grey to it, then it becomes even more dull. But a shade like Horizons has multiple dimensions to it and has to be looked at differently. Its soft tone not only brightens up a dark space but also adds the quintessential warmth to the space. You can also add a dash of Angels Eyes or Solitaire to accentuate the colour play even further. 

No matter what your colour aesthetic is, if you are looking to create depth and light in a not so naturally lit room, then these colours are sure to come in handy and give you a wonderful canvas to paint warmth on.

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