Create the illusion of space with bright colours and surprising accents of pattern.
Create space with colour

Create a sense of space with colour

Transform a small room with a clever colour scheme.

The illusion of space

Soft hues from the cooler end of the colour spectrum work best in a small space. For your walls, try choosing a colour like sky blue, apple green, primrose yellow or crisp white – these will instantly make the room seem larger. Then, pick out a few different shades of your chosen wall colour and use these on the ceiling, floor and throughout the space. By using slightly different shades of the same colour, you’ll find that the room’s boundaries seem to disappear, suddenly creating an illusion of space. Start with the darkest shade on your walls, and finish with the lightest on the ceiling

Pattern play

Contrast your cool shades with soft furnishings in warm neutrals like fawn or nutmeg, and then add accents of bold pattern to draw attention. If you can, avoid fussy patterns like florals – these will overwhelm the space. Instead, go for simple yet striking patterns, such as geometrics or stripes.

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