Decorating a bedroom for two? Be inspired by the 2015 trend ‘Him + Her’ and discover how to create a couple-friendly space that combines masculine and feminine styles.
Decorating a shared space

His & Hers: Decorating a shared space

Create a bedroom that combines masculine and feminine styles.

Create a look you both love

Do you have a different decorating style to your partner? Perhaps one of you loves gorgeous feminine hues, while the other craves a more masculine look. Don’t let this stop you from creating a look that you both love– one of our key decorating trends for 2015 is all about celebrating people’s differences, while still encouraging a harmonious look.

Think outside the box

Embrace this trend in your bedroom by combining masculine and feminine colours in surprisingly clever ways. Dark, sultry hues like khaki, slate grey and teal team perfectly with lighter colours, such as damson, powder pink and cream. This combination of traditional masculine and feminine hues creates a classic and elegant style.

Celebrate your differences

Highlight your accessories to emphasise what matters to each of you. Here, separate portraits of him and her have been placed above the headboard. You could also add soft pink flowers on one bedside tables, with a masculine scented candle on the other. By creating two distinct looks that sit perfectly together, you’ll create a restful sanctuary that you’ll both love to be in.

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