Light up your home with mirrored room decoration

Light up your home with mirrored room decoration

Mirrored walls or mirrored patterns for room decoration is absolutely a next level idea to up your home design and decoration game. Mirrored room decoration can instantly add sparkle and life to the corners and spaces which are overlooked or left behind. Mirror room decoration has the magical ability to make your space look brighter and bigger by creating an illusion to the eyes. If you are looking for creative and trendiest mirrored walls ideas, here are few hand-picked pieces for you. 

Pebble Mirror

Golden or silver or any metallic shade pebble mirror at the wall is an instant noticeable piece of décor which matches with the contemporary colour design schemes and ideas. It glams up the wall perfectly if the colour of the wall is dark like green, blue, purple, black, red, etc.  

Moon Phase Mirrors

The moon is a calm star and the same effect you can create in your room while decorating your accent wall with the set of moon phase mirrors. However, you can hang these super gorgeous refectory pieces on any wall, but if the base colour of the wall is in the opposite shade of the frame of the mirrors, it will add extra brightness in the look.  

Sunburst Wall Mirror

Ornate a super gorgeous sunburst mirror to knock out every kind of dull energy and boredom from your living space. This attractive room decoration piece is going to render brighter and welcoming effect because of its stunning mirror reflection with the shiny rays. The amazing golden sunburst mirror can be hanged on any wall of the room.   

Butterfly Wall Clock Mirror

Butterfly wall clock mirror is one of its kind décors pieces which naturally have an alluring aesthetic. It looks simply amazing and makes your particular space stand out more than any other corner. Butterflies flying out of the frames create a fearless and genuine impression and as if they are finally set free and ready to touch the sky. 

Wall Loft Mirror

Wall loft mirrors are an effortless choice that fits into any kind of interior designs and offers decent minimalistic vibes. Though they are available in various shapes and sizes, but round one with wood frame looks very classic. 

Round Mandala Mirror

If you are a fan of the entire spectrum of colours and want to make your room space look colourful, vibrant, and energetic, set of mandala mirrors in different colours, or just one mirror in multiple shades at the boundary makes your room brighten up in the most happening manner. These stunningly handcrafted room décor pieces open the scope to be creative, stylish, and playful with the colours.   

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