Dulux Wash & Wear with new KidProof Technology™effectively repels tough stains. Rather than absorbinginto the paint, most liquids form beads on the surface,making cleaning easy. This keeps colours beautiful forlonger and lets kids be kids.
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Dulux Wash & Wear

Forgiveness is Easy. Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology™.

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Dulux Wash & Wear is specially formulated with Paint HappyTM Technology to minimize discomfort from paint smell during painting, for instant room enjoyment. Its break-through KidProof Technology™ has a unique protective layer that repels tough stains, thus preventing stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film and can be wiped away easily. It also has Colourguard technology that keeps colours bright, fresh-looking & beautiful for longer. 

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Forgiveness is Easy.

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