Combine soft chalky colours and natural materials for a rustic French kitchen look.

Love the rustic kitchen look? It’s all about soft chalky colours and natural materials

A popular interior look that sees no sign of waning, the French country-style kitchen is all about embracing elegant, paired-back colours and natural materials. This style’s timeless quality means that it doesn't date, so can be used in almost every kind of kitchen space, from modern to traditional.

When it comes to choosing your colour scheme, go for light and gentle hues. Pair crisp, classic colours like ivory and dove grey with chalky, muted pastels, such as lilac, duck egg blue and blush pink shades. If you’d like to add an accent hue or two, stick with mellow, sun-faded shades that mimic the mossy French countryside.

rustic kitchen look

If you’d like to add extra warmth to this muted colour scheme, compliment it with touches of natural materials. White cabinets look fantastic when teamed with wooden worktops, but granite, limestone and marble also work well. Complete the look with accessories with a distressed finish, like wrought iron chairs and copper pendant lights.

To fully embrace the French country flair in your kitchen, don't forget to add decorative elements like vintage French posters, distressed cabinets and furniture, and antique pottery or dishware. Display your favourite pieces on open shelving or hanging racks for a cosy and inviting feel. These rustic touches will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying a meal with your family.

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