Dramatic charcoal grey works beautifully with other neutrals and accent colours.

Be bold with dusky charcoal tones

This dramatic hue works wonderfully with other neutral tones and accent colours.

Charcoal, the very darkest shade of grey, is named after the colour of burnt wood, a mix of carbon and ash that was once used by our prehistoric ancestors to sketch simple yet powerful images on the walls of caves. They contrasted the charcoal with red and yellow ochre pigments to depict wild animals such as bison, horses and deer.

Thousands of years later, this bold, atmospheric colour is still being used to create instant impact. Thanks to its associations with nature (think of a stormy sky, a rough sea or pebbles at the bottom of a pond), it works wonderfully with natural materials such as timber and stone. Team with white woodwork for a modern and minimalist feel, or blend with citrus hues for a sunny retro vibe.

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