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Bedroom Design Ideas to Beautify Your Comforting Zone

7 Cool Small Bedroom Ideas to Accessorize the Room with the Peace and Pleasure

A bedroom design should be matching to the taste and personality of the people living in the house. Since it is a very personal space, so every corner of the house should have a comfortable and cosy feel reflecting the romantic vibes. If the bedroom design upgrade is on your mind and your room is a tiny one and you are style-conscious, here are some unique small bedroom ideas to fit your requirements.

1. Increase the stake of the floor built to accommodate the mattress and give a false extension to your bedroom design if it is a small space. One of the best small bedroom ideas is creating an extension on the sides of the bed and having a tufted headboard for a cohesive feel. Also, divide the room space thoughtfully to conquer the trending style. Instead of positioning a sofa, place a swing armchair with a wall lamp providing reading light.

2. Ditch the color if you want a cool-looking accent wall. Bring on an exposed brick wall in any of the mighty monochrome to set and raise a high style. A brick board pattern coordinating with the accessories of the room makes a great pair. And for giving it a more personal touch, you can hang some romantic quotes if you are a couple. 

3. All the space is blocked by the furniture mostly if the floor space is restricted. This you can manage by placing and positioning the fitted and sleek furniture in light and natural shades. Also, you can achieve a minimalistic bedroom design by dividing the spaces into zones and painting separate colors on every different zone. The illusion of a visual divide will make your room look flowing and big. To justify the division with colors, you can have the matching color linen and drapes. 

4. Have a mini entryway and have one of the room walls really colorful as it can change the mood and feel of the entire room. This subtle small bedroom idea will definitely give a unique makeover to your room.

5. Don’t ignore the ceiling. To make it attention-grabbing, complement the ceiling detailing with a circular chandelier. It will give the space some grandeur and add a wow factor to the room.

6. Along with keeping the indoor plants to create a natural and wild look, you can bring the outdoors in. Like you can hang a grass patch or sapling grow behind the headboard.

7. Always give the most attention to the bed. Though, if possible, it should include a desk, a fancy closet, or bookshelves but the bed should remain the star of the show. The bed being the most important part of the small bedroom design, select a standout design of it and place a circular rug beneath it to add softness to the bed linings.

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