Renovate your metal – Renovate your home

To encourage furniture upcycling, leading metal care paint brand Hammerite offers the following  tips to ensure metal projects are completed the right way, first time.

Identify your type of metal

Different types of metal require different treatments. Identifying the type of metal before treating it is important in achieving best results. There are two main groups of metal: ferrous and non-ferrous. The best way to identify between the two is with a magnet. Ferrous metal contains iron and the magnet will stick this type of metal rusts. Non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum and zinc, contain less iron and the magnet will not stick. Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint  has been specially formulated as a primer, undercoat and topcoat in one, making it effortless to enhance non-ferrous metals.

What product to use on galvanised metal
Another form of metal is galvanised metal, this is steel covered with zinc to protect the surface. Although a magnet will stick to galvanised metal it needs to be treated like a non-ferrous metal due to the zinc coating. When treating unprotected surfaces, a white deposit is often left behind, ensure this is removed before applying Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Paint for better paint adhesion.

What is rust? And how to prevent it
Rust is formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Over enough time, any iron mass exposed to water will eventually convert entirely to rust and disintegrate. Rust is permeable to air and water; therefore, the interior piece of metal continues to corrode. Prevent rust with coatings that stop rust formulation, such as Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint. Offering eight years of corrosion protection, Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint uses a unique alkyd technology that forms a tough barrier that sheds moisture and stops rust, providing long lasting protection.

Hammerite versus traditional paints
Unlike traditional paint, Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint can be applied directly to rust, with no need for a primer or undercoat. Its three in one formula includes strong adhesive and viscous properties, forming a tough barrier that sheds moisture providing long lasting protection. Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint is also developed with DUALTECH technology, which provides two-way protection by repelling water and stopping rust, keeping metal stronger for longer.

Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint Primer, Undercoat and Topcoat in one can

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