Dulux Wash & Wear

Dulux Wash & Wear with new Silver Ion Technology, it comes with an added benefit of anti-viral property that helps to effectively work against certain virus.

Dulux Wash and Wear

Product Features

  • Anti-viral (with Silver Ion Technology):
    Comes with an added benefit of anti-virus property that helps to effectively work against certain virus*

  • KidProof+ Technology
    - Delays stains from penetrating further into paint film and can be wiped away easily.
    - With its anti-bacteria property, it also aids to inhibit growth of bacteria on walls

  • Colourguard Technology:
    - Keep colours looking fresh longer

  • Low Odour, Low VOC

  • No added lead and no added mercury

  • Singapore Green label certified

*Under test conditions. All the claims mentioned are subject to compliance with conditions maintained in Produt Data Sheet.


Dulux Wash and Wear

Anti Viral Performance

  • Effective against human coronavirus NL-63 (99% efficacy) - with 30min of exposure of the painted surface (based on certificate of analysis issued by Industrial Microbiological Services LTD (IMSL) UK.
  • This is NOT tested for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • Virus and bacteria can also spread through other external/internal surfaces.



Dulux Wash and Wear

Effective against 10 types of stains

Dulux Wash & Wear which is formulated with KidProof+ Technology resists & repels most liquids

Stains e.g.: 

Effective against 10 types of stains

STATIONERY: 1. Chalk, 2. Fluorescent Pen

HOUSEHOLD: 3.Dust, 4.Mud

FOOD & DRINK: 5.Yogurt, 6.Cupcake / Ice-cream, 7.Soda / Liquids (Cola, Juices), 8.Soya sauce, 9.Tomato sauce, 10.Chili sauce

Disclaimer: some stains will only be partially removed by Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof+ Technology, stains such as colour pencil, crayon, tyre mark, furniture mark, marker pen, newspaper marks, black tea, coffee, ball pen will remain challenging for complete removal. Optimal stain removal performance of Dulux Wash & Wear is also subject to compliance with Dulux Wash & Wear's paint system.