Looking for decorating ideas? Take inspiration from your wardrobe to create a home that reflects your personal fashion style.
Translate your style into your home

Translate your fashion style into your home

Create a home that reflects your personal style.

Is your fashion style...

Soft and feminine?

If you wardrobe consists of soft hues like pinks, pale blues and chalky greens, why not try incorporating a pastel colour scheme into your home?

For a soft look that’s still grown-up, combine warm neutrals like oyster and ivory with muted pastels, such as sherbet orange and blush pink.

Or for a look that mimics nature, pair lilac with a pale green and accessorise with natural textiles, like a sisal rug and straw baskets.

Bright and colourful?

If you tend towards the brighter colours of the spectrum, why not give your home a surprising shot of colour, too? To create maximum impact, combine a neutral colour scheme with high-voltage flashes of colour, like teal and orange, or sapphire and lemon yellow.

Or, for a slightly less shocking look, accessorise with brightly coloured floor lamps and a bold artwork or two.

Black and white?

Eternally timeless, black and white is a failsafe colour combination – both in fashion and in interiors.

The secret to giving this classic combination a modern edge is creating a high contrast between the two hues. Keep it simple with jet black, charcoal grey and fresh white. If you’ve got stunning architectural features that you want to enhance, paint them in different tones of blacks, greys and whites.

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