Create the illusion of space with bright colours and surprising accents of pattern.
Create space with colour

Small room? Create space with colour

Tap into the power of light and colour to enhance small spaces.

Trick the eye

Struggling to create a feeling of space and airiness in a tiny room? The trick is to use different tones of the same hue throughout the whole room – by using just one colour, you remove all the visual boundaries of the room, making it appear bigger.

For a look that’s easy to accessorise, you could try using a warm, vanilla white on your walls and floor and brighten them with fresh white on the ceiling.

Miracle mirror

A clever way of creating the illusion of space is to use plenty of mirrored surfaces. A strategically placed mirror will reflect and bounce light around the room, helping to make your space appear double the size. By leaning a large mirror against a wall, for example, you’ll give the impression that the room is expanding and opening up at head height.

Complete the look with a beautiful glass table that allows light to shine through.

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