Not sure what to do with a blank wall? Discover how to display your art in stunning style with these expert tips.
Five expert tips for displaying art

Picture this: Five expert tips for displaying art

Discover how to display your prints, pictures and photos.

Pick a theme

“Mix individual pieces of artwork with framed collections of sentimental value, such as postcards or concert tickets. Link them together by picking out a recurring colour, creating a theme, or hanging a series of prints that tells a story.” -- Lotta Linde, Global Colour Designer

Unify your frames

‘If your pieces of art feature different colours or styles, or your frames vary in texture and size, paint all your frames the same shade to create an eclectic yet unified look.” -- Louise Smith, Senior Global Colour Designer

Create a border

“Display your art in a single row to create a border across the wall. Ensure the pieces work together by choosing a common link or theme.” -- Willeke Jongejan, Senior Global Colour Designer

Colour block

“On a large blank wall, create a canvas within a canvas by painting a block of colour in a shade featured in your chosen piece of art. Once the paint is dry, hang your picture in the centre of the colour block. This technique creates a clever double frame effect.” -- Marieke Wielinga, Global Colour Designer

Prop it up

“For a more relaxed vibe, prop up paintings on a table or shelf. If you’re using frames of similar colours and textures, layer different sized frames on top of each other, intentionally covering parts of pictures to accentuate certain features. Finish the look by surrounding the frames with items of similar texture or colour.” -- Marieke van der Bruggen, Global Colour Designer

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