Bring character into your home with a stylish art wall that shows off your framed photographs, ornaments and personal treasures.
Create a stylish art wall

Learn how to create a stylish art wall

Learn how to create a backdrop for your favourite art and treasured pieces.

Paintings, ornaments, kids’ artwork, vases… etc. etc.! Collecting beautiful items for your home is one of life’s loveliest pleasures but it can sometimes be tricky knowing how to display them without overwhelming the room.

Choose complementary colours

The first step in creating a stylish art wall is to choose a wall colour that not only highlights your existing artwork and ornaments but also complements them as well. You might want to go for a colour that repeats itself in your artwork or go for a hue that complements the colours in the pieces you want to display. A strong, vivid colour – like this gutsy shade of coral pink – will also help break up the space and draw focus to your art.

Artful arrangement

Before placing hooks on the wall, lay out your artwork on the floor to get an idea of how it will all look together as a group. If you’re a little stuck on how best to group your art, why not try starting with the biggest frame in the centre and filling in the wall around it with frames of varying sizes and shapes? Don’t be hesitant to play and move things around – you’ll be amazed at how different a piece can look in a new setting.

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