Paint rollers ready to be used to decorate the wall.
How to use a roller like a pro

How to use a roller like a pro

Follow our expert guide to using a paint roller

  1. Before you start painting with your roller, use a brush to “cut in” around door and window frames, power points and switches, the corners of the walls, and along the edge of skirting boards. A two-inch (5cm) brush is perfect for this job.
  2. Pour plenty of paint into the trough in the tray and ‘load’ the roller by dipping it into the paint and rolling it back and forth until the entire roller is covered.
  3. Start by making a ‘M’ shape on the wall and filling in the gaps with a ‘W’. Work the roller over an area of about one square metre, rolling the paint in a gentle zig-zag pattern. You don’t want to press too hard but make sure the coverage is even.
  4. Be sure to decrease pressure on the roller before lifting it from the wall. This will help you achieve a streak-free finish.
  5. Try to make sure you have enough time in the day to apply two coats. You’ll want to wait until the first coat is dry before painting the second (check the can for recommended drying times) – this will help ensure an even finish.
  6. If you’re going to use the roller the next day, place it on the tray and tie a tightly closed carrier bag around it to prevent the paint drying out.
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