Filling holes in the wall before painting
How to prepare your walls for painting

How to prepare your walls for painting

Want flawless walls? A little bit of prep goes a long way.

  1. First, remove any nails and screws so you can start with a blank canvas.

  2. Fill any small holes and hairline cracks with a filler. You can make it up yourself from powder or pay a bit more for the convenience of a pot or tube. Decorator’s caulk is great for corner cracks.

  3. Clean walls are really important. Wash them with a detergent solution and rinse with clean water afterwards to remove any residue. If you’ve got areas affected by fungi or algae, you can treat them with Dulux Fungicidal Wash.

  4. Lightly sand the walls using medium or fine sand paper for a smooth surface.

  5. If your surfaces remain powdery or suffer from an alkali attack even after thorough preparation, you can use one coat of an appropriate sealer. For powdery and alkaline surfaces, use Dulux Sealer (solvent-based), and for new surfaces use Dulux Sealer (water-based).

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