Painting a geometric pattern is an easy way to create a striking accent wall.
How to create a geometric paint effect

How to create a geometric paint effect

A bold paint effect adds instant impact to any space.

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or simply add some interest to a blank wall, a painted geometric effect is a great starting point. To create this look, you’ll need some thick card (to create your stencil), a ruler, a spirit level, scissors, some chalk and good quality low-tack masking tape. And your chosen paint colours, of course!

  1. To start, you’ll need to make a stencil in the shape of the geometric pattern that you want to create – this could be a square, a triangle or a diamond shape. Use a ruler and chalk to mark out on a thick piece of card the shape you want, and then cut out with scissors or a craft knife.
  2. Using your stencil and a piece of chalk, outline the design you want to create on the wall. We recommend you start from the centre of the area you want to paint and move your way outwards – this way you’ll end up with an even pattern. You may want to use a spirit level to ensure you’re drawing perfectly straight lines.
  3. Tape over the pencil lines using good quality low-tack decorator’s masking tape (low-tack peels off easily without removing any paint). Be sure to press the tape down firmly so the paint doesn’t seep underneath.
  4. It’s time for painting! Make sure you paint over the masking tape line slightly – this will create a crisp line under the tape. To stop any paint from seeping under the tape and spoiling your straight line, only load up your brush with a small amount of paint at a time. Apply two coats of each colour.
  5. To stop the paint peeling off along with the tape, remove the masking tape before the final coat has finished drying. Make sure the paint isn't wet enough to drip before peeling back the tape to reveal a clean line.
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