Contrast bold hues and fluorescent accents to create a striking feature wall.
Create a bold feature wall

How to create a bold feature wall

Make an impact with bright colour and fluorescent accents.

Electric colour

To create maximum impact, combine a neutral colour scheme with high-voltage flashes of colour. Contrast is a powerful tool, so pick strong colours that make others pop, like teal and orange, or sapphire and lemon yellow.

Or you could start with a pure white backdrop, and create a colour block effect by painting large blocks of colour side-by side.

Fluoro fever

Electrify your feature wall with a touch of fabulous fluoro. Zesty fluorescent shades like electric blue yellow and neon yellow look fabulous when paired with bold colours. Or, for a slightly less shocking look, accessorise with brightly coloured floor lamps and a bold artwork or two.

Remember, the most important thing about creating a bold look is to have fun, experiment and follow your instincts.

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