Paint brush covered in blue paint before the brush is cleaned
How to clean your brushes

How to clean your brushes

Keep your paint brushes in top shape so they last longer.

  1. If you’re starting with dirty brushes, scrape off as much paint as you can.
  2. Using water-based paint? Wash your brush in water and rinse until the water runs clear. Dry on a clean cloth.
  3. Using oil-based paints? Then your brushes need to be cleaned with white spirit. Pour a small amount into a jar and work the brush against the sides to get the cleaner into the base of the bristles. You’ll need to do this a couple of times before giving the brush a final wash in water.
  4. You shouldn’t pour solvents down the sink, so pop a lid on the jar and leave for 24 hours till the paint sinks to the bottom. Leave the paint in the jar to dry before putting in the bin.
  5. Still got painting to do? Instead of washing your brush in between coats, wrap them in cling wrap. This will keep them soft and in tip-top condition.
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