Add a burst of brightness into your daily life with a colourful pinboard.
A brightly coloured pinboard

Five tips for a more colourful life

Discover how to add a burst of brightness to your daily life.

Add a burst of brightness to your daily life with colourful shelves.
Shelves with bright accessories

“When travelling, I always try to ‘collect memories’ by buying local pieces of colourful art, shawls, textiles – anything that I can keep as a reminder of a place, person or experience. It adds a great shot of both colour and personality to my home and office.” Stephanie Kraneveld,
 Global Colour Knowledge Manager, Dulux

“We’ve got a huge bulletin board at home with all kinds of colourful paintings, postcards and drawings – most of them created by my kids. Regularly changing what’s on it means the board is like a huge colourful living artwork.” Stephanie Kraneveld,

“I love accessorizing my home with bright accents against softer grey hues. My favourite way to create impact is through painting furniture in glossy tones and styling with coloured glass. Combining opaque and transparent glass in a single colour creates a real statement.” Louise Smith, Senior Global Colour Designer, Dulux

“On my walls, I like to create life stills by grouping together illustrations, cards, funny texts, colour swatches, etc. I change them regularly so that I always have something new and lovely to look at. I stick them on unexpected places in different rooms with beautiful coloured masking tape. They always make me smile!” Marieke van der Bruggen, Global Colour Designer, Dulux

“I love to add a splash of colour to my clothing. My thing is coloured tights; I can’t resist them. Bright pink, orange, purple, teal, honey mustard – any colour looks brilliant with simple black shoes. It makes people smile – and they don't forget me!” Marianne Shillingford, UK Creative Director

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