Love to decorate but not enough time? Be inspired by these quick projects – all you need is an afternoon free.
Five easy decorating ideas

Five easy big-impact decorating ideas

Be inspired by these quick projects – all you need is an afternoon free.

“If you have leftover paint after you finished decorating, mix it with different amounts of white and you will have a range of wonderful tones. You can use these to paint picture frames and small canvases to create lovely accents around the room.”

-- Lotte Linde, Global Colour Designer

“I like to paint the inside of a cabinet, wardrobe or even drawers for an unexpected pop of colour when I open them up. If you use a light colour, it makes it easier to see into dark corners, too.”

-- Marieke van der Bruggen, Global Colour Designer

“If you swirl some of your leftover paint around the inside of glass bottles, vases or jars, you can create glossy, colourful decorations that complement your colour scheme – and they don’t cost much either!”

-- Louise Tod, Senior Global Colour Designer

“If you have wooden doorknobs or light pulls, try painting them in different hues (making sure you remove them first, of course!). It’s amazing how a small change like this can create a real impact in a room or even throughout your home.”

-- Marieke Wielinga, Global Colour Designer

“I tend to repaint my front door too often than necessary. It doesn’t take long to do but it means you enjoy a fresh, clean welcome every time you get home – and changing the colour gives my whole house a different feel.”

-- Heleen van Gent, Head of the Global Aesthetic Centre

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