Looking to hire a professional painter? Before you do, read our expert advice on finding the best person for the job.
Expert tips for hiring a painter

Expert advice: Hiring a professional painter

Tips and tricks for finding the best person for the job.

Ask friends and family for recommendations

“I always ask friends and family if they can recommend someone. Then I get the painter to provide a reference from someone who has used them before, and check that they’ve a good technical knowledge of the paints they’ll be using.”

-- Willeke Jongejan, Senior Global Colour Designer

Obtain at least three quotes from different painters

“I get at least three quotes from painters, and then compare their fees and experience. It’s worth bearing in mind that price isn’t everything, their qualifications are important too.”

-- Heleen van Gent, Head of the Global Aesthetic Centre

Ask for a detailed quote

“It’s really important to ask for a detailed quote, so you know exactly what’s included in the service. Make sure you know who is providing the paint, how many coats they’ll apply, and what they’ll charge per day if the job runs over.”

-- Marieke Wielinga, Global Colour Designer

Draw up a contract that both parties sign

“Once you’ve decided who to hire, make sure you draw up a contract, which should include the deadline, fee and form of payment. I always make sure that we both sign the contract.”

-- Marieke van der Bruggen, Global Colour Designer

Ensure you know who exactly will be doing the job

“Once contracted, sometimes painters pass the work on to colleagues, so make sure you know exactly who’ll do the job. For me, it’s really important that they stick to safety procedures. Feel free to say something if you think they’re not doing this.”

-- Louise Tod, Senior Global Colour Designer

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