Decorating an open-plan space? Learn how to create an open-plan area that's functional and good-looking with our expert tips.
Five tips for open-plan living

Expert advice: five tips for open-plan living

Be inspired by our ideas for a successful open-plan layout.

"I adore open spaces in the home, especially in the living areas. So that the area doesn't feel too vast, you could try creating different zones, each one based around one central starting point, like a gorgeous sofa or a statement rug."

-- Marieke Wielinga, Global Colour Designer

"I find it’s easier to decorate an open-plan space if I imagine where the walls are to start with. Then I use colour to make each space flow into the next."

-- Louise Smith, Senior Global Colour Designer

“To create a wonderful feeling of flow and continuity in an open-plan space, a good tip is to use the same flooring throughout. Add bright rugs to give the different spaces a focal point.”

-- Marieke van der Bruggen, Global Colour Designer

“Lighting is an easy way to create different moods in different areas. Use floor lamps in the living room to create cosy reading nooks and overhead lights in the kitchen to make tasks like food preparation a joy."

-- Lotte Linde, Global Colour Designer

“It’s important to think about storage in an open-plan space. Too much clutter can look messy. Use multi-purpose storage like trunks and free-standing units.”

-- Heleen van Gent, Head of the Global Aesthetic Centre

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