Want to know what decorating tools the experts can’t live without? We reveal the tools that they use.
Five must-have decorating tools

Expert advice: five must-have decorating tools

Decorating experts reveal their top tools to get a job done well.

“When I’m decorating, I can’t live without my retractable measuring tape. Mine is a steel tape that has measurements on both sides, and a magnetic cap on the end that can attach to metal objects – this is particularly helpful when I’m measuring on my own.” -- Lotta Linde, Global Colour Designer

“My favourite tool is the masking tape. I use it when painting two colours next to each other to get a perfect straight line. My top tip is to remove the masking tape while the paint is still slightly wet, so that it doesn’t pull the paint off.” -- Louise Smith, Senior Global Colour Designer

“I always make sure I have different grades of sandpaper on hand when I’m decorating. When I’m painting wooden furniture, I use a medium-grade sandpaper first and then a finer grade after painting the first coat to provide a roughness for the next layer of paint to stick to. And I always wear a face-mask to avoid inhaling dust.” -- Marieke van der Bruggen, Global Colour Designer

“My must-have tool is a pack of good-quality synthetic bristle brushes in a range of sizes for different jobs. Synthetic brushes are best if you’re using water-based paints, as they don’t absorb as much water as natural brushes, meaning you don’t get heavy brush marks.” -- Chris Wingrove, Technical Training Consultant

“I always make sure I have plenty of string on hand. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s so useful when I’m trying to create a straight line down a wall. I attach a piece of Blu-tack at either end of the string, attach one end to the ceiling and then let the string hang down the wall. Wherever it falls, there’s your straight line! Stick the other end to the skirting board and use pencil or chalk to mark the line on the wall.” -- Heleen van Gent, Senior Global Colour Designer

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