Learn how to create a nautical-themed study area by painting a feature wall of bold blue and white stripes.
Create a nautical theme with stripes

Create a nautical theme with bold stripes

Make working at home a pleasure with a blue-and-white study.

To create this look, you’ll need:

• a spirit level

• tape measure

• chalk

• marine blue paint

• a small roller.

1. Mark out your stripes

Use a spirit level, tape measure and chalk to mark out the stripes, making sure that they’re evenly spaced from top to bottom.

2. Apply masking tape

Use good quality low-tack masking tape to mark off the stripes that you want to keep white. Make sure you press it down firmly so the blue paint doesn’t bleed underneath.

3. Paint your stripes

Choose a marine blue, like cerulean or ultramarine, to create your stripes. Load your roller with a small amount of paint to avoid paint seeping under the tape. Paint over the masking tape line slightly – this will create a crisp line under the tape.

Once your first coat is dry, apply a second coat.

4. Remove the masking tape

To stop the paint peeling off along with the tape, remove the masking tape before the final coat has finished drying. Make sure the paint isn't wet enough to drip before peeling back the tape to reveal a clean line.

5. Anchor your nautical theme

To complete your nautical look, pair with natural wooden furniture and a pop of colour, like a brightly painted chair.

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