Timeless colour compositions

Timeless colour compositions to set out vibrant tone   

Timeless colour compositions 

Ingrained colour conjugations for creating transcendent living room design

Each one of us our own notion of timeless, trendy, and classic living room design or room décor ideas, but there are few combinations which are matchless and attract all no matter in which corner they are applied. They are just so sophisticated room décor ideas that just strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional.  So here are few best combinations and room décor ideas to design a dreamy abode. 

1. Dark/sky Grey, white, and wood brown 

It’s tricky to play with grey but if you get the art right, you can pair this deep hue with number of other tones. White on the walls and linen and wood brown on the flooring and furniture is the favorite pick of the designers with this dramatic shade. And to channelize a more classic feel and make every space super special, allow natural light to pep into windows and glass panels.  

2. Grey, and golden with white hues

If your living room design and bedroom ideas say that blend of neutral and bright colours is the perfect combination to get a minimalistic, handsome, and cozy space, this is right combination for you. Grey hues on the walls, metal décor, and sofas, and white for the ceiling, golden and white in combination with grey on linen, pillows, and cushions is going induce such effect that you will never regret. 

3. Umber and greige

Choosing the rich shade of umber with greige which is a mix between grey and beige brings a lot of versatile combinations for your living room design. Greige as the base layer to build vibrant hues is one of excellent bedroom ideas and you can add personality to it by pouring more neutrals on the other walls and floor. To pull of the best classic look use blues, reds, and oranges for soft objects, furniture, pillows, cushions, and linen pieces. 

4. White and light indigo

This combination brings Scandinavian influence to the fore that makes a cozy and well-defined living space. These two are simply wow colours for walls as well as fabrics and linen which set a clean, calm, and cohesive vibe along with balancing tones, textures, and material fittings of the home. This classic combination is a choice which is ageless. 

5. Sage, wood, and white

Sage is used by many famous designers throughout their design because it’s an impactful versatile shade. A little sage with clean and bright white and light wood can go a long way. Bright and neutral colours used with sage let sage show off its beauty and set a warm and welcoming effect in the home. 

6. Black, cream, and gold

After black and white, black and gold is another classic combination, but it’s little tricky to be playful with such bold contrasts. To create a heavenly abode in these high-contrast hues, use the hues of black, cream, and white at each corner, pattern, moldings and pieces except drapes. For drapes, use cream and gold to let the black take edge.   

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