Colours for Rooms with Natural Light

The Best Paint Colours for Rooms with Natural Light

Rooms With Natural Light

There are many times that we choose a paint colour for our walls, only to get disappointed when the paint colour does not look the same as they had envisioned it in the store. There are multiple reasons why this happens. The first and the most important being the interplay of light and shadow. No colour ever looks the same when it comes to different days. Here, we will talk about the special case of rooms with ample natural light. When the room has ample natural light, the colours have a distinct visual appearance. In fact, colours can look very different from dawn to dusk. 

How Does Natural Light Impact the Colour of Your Paint?

The entire system works on whether you understand the positioning of your room. When there is an east-facing room, you can go for warmer shades. On west facing rooms, the appearance of the lights in the morning is different, but the evening makes the appearance become warmer. In north-facing rooms the light is always cooler and appear bluish than their actual appearance. Last but not the least, if you have a south facing room, lighter colours glow and the darker colours appear brighter.

Having said all that, we will now go and look for the best colours that can suit your purpose no matter what direction your room faces in. 

Celestial Sun:

This beautiful and glorious pale yellow is excellent if you are looking for warmer shades. Not just that it has the subtle zest and heat in its reflection, it also makes for a great statement colour if you are looking to paint an accent wall. In case your room has ample natural light, then a colour like Celestial Sun will help you accentuate it even more. 


This bright orange shade has its own sense of inspiration and energy that radiates the room where it is painted. In addition to that there is also its eclectic edge and the unmistakable gloss that comes into play when natural light hits its surface and creates a medley of its own. 

Water Blue:

This list also has shades that are on the cooler side of the shade card. This powder blue shade of Water Blue will create a wonderful contrast of a warm and cool interplay with the hitting of the natural light. If the room you are looking to paint has a warm and cool interplay of lights at different times of the day, this shade will surely make for a great choice. 

Guava Ice:

This lighter shade of green cannot be missed when it comes to this list. This will remind you of how the trees in the beautiful mother nature play in tandem with one another when it comes to the light falling on the same. 

Having natural light in the room is a great asset to any living space. But equally important is to make the maximum use of it while choosing the colours as well as the décor elements of the same. The correct accentuation can make the beauty of the room multifold! We hope this article helped you understand the best way to use and work with natural light in your living space.

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