Stylish bedroom decorating ideas for teenagers

We show how to give your teenager a room that’s as individual and as colourful as they are.

The teenage years are when young adults want to express themselves and put their own stamp on their bedrooms. With a lick of paint and a little imagination, we show you how to give them a space that’s as individual and as colourful as they are. Don’t worry parents – there’s a paint and style to suit even the strongest of personalities!

Simple stripes

Subtlety is key for a look that’s grown-up without feeling older than teenage years. Black lines painted on a white wall and interspersed with block colour looks striking, while funky furniture and soft furnishings can add drama.

Our how-to video shows how simple it is to paint the perfect circle.

Which paints?

00NN 05/000

90YR 72/159

Creativity and a little bit of mess is all part of growing up, so make cleaning up easy with our washable and tough Dulux Wash & Wear paint with innovative stain repellent technology.

Selfie room

Create a selfie room for your teenager with fun frame motifs
Selfie room for teenagers

Put your teenager firmly in the frame with a bright and beautiful ‘Selfie Room’. Choose one wall and paint white borders, colourful centres and decorative flourishes to replicate an Instagram-style snapshot. Providing a backdrop for their photographs with friends, they’re an effortless way to bring a room right up-to-date! Just add props for endless possibilities in front of a smart phone.

Which paints?

45YY 53/151

50RB 83/005

10YR 25/284

90BG 48/057

37YY 78/312

A studious study area

Create a colourful study space for your teenager
A colourful study space for teens

Even the most academic teenagers need encouragement when it comes to opening their books and getting stuck in. So why not carve out a dedicated area for them that’s an inspiring and creative space to work in? Set the scene for serious study by breaking up plain walls with a sea of bold stripes. With similarly colourful furniture, it’s sure to get them good grades. And if nothing else, you’ll be given full marks.

Which paints?

70YY 51/669

90RB 74/044

10YY 64/048

70RR 55/044

30BB 45/015

90BG 25/079

Bohemian chic

Try creative shapes on the wall in your teen’s bedroom
Wall features in a teen’s bedroom

Allow teenagers to express their inner bohemian spirit with artistic shapes and creative colours. For maximum impact, go wild on one feature wall, then accessorise with complementary furnishings.

Whether playful circles or geometric squares, it’s all about being spontaneous and carefree, so try not to think about what goes where too much. Let the brush lead the way, experiment, and above all, have fun!

Which paints?

50BB 39/104

50GY 06/077

90YY 13/177

90GY 63/047

70YY 46/053

30RB 07/107

90GG 11/295

10GY 58/105

10RR 41/042

90BG 25/079

Encouraging teenagers to express themselves through paint is a great creative outlet. Decorating their bedroom is the perfect opportunity to do something together! Explore colours collaboratively. Decide on a style as a team. Then get to work to create walls that wow.

Start your project by downloading the Visualizer app and seeing how colours might look on your walls.

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