Spacious hallway decorated with a vivid violet feature wall, statement light pendant and home office.
Spacious hallway? Burst out the brights

Spacious hallway? Burst out the brights

Add interest to your large hallway with bright colour

Add interest to your large hallway with bright colour, statement accessories and lush plants. Have you got a spacious hallway but unsure of how to add interest to all that wonderful white space? One of the simplest ways you can ensure your guests feel welcome as soon as they step through the door is by using colour to define the room. Not only is it a brilliant way to make a splash without the need for expensive artwork, creating definition through colour gives a seemingly straightforward hallway a sense of dramatic style.

If you’ve got a feature front door or beautiful bay windows, you could highlight them using a bolt of colour in a bright shade, like mulberry, mango yellow or teal. If your hallway is long and spacious, creating a feature panel at the end of the hall will help to provide a focal point. Still got unused space? Make your hallway work extra hard by adding a study nook or some built-in storage to house all those bits and pieces that inevitably end up in the entranceway.

Oversized pot plants and accessories like statement pendant lights, colourful rugs and antique mirrors also work wonders to create a warm and welcoming space.

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