Discover how to decorate your home with warm, lustrous copper orange – our 2015 Colour of the Year.
Shine bright with copper orange

Shine bright with copper orange

Decorate your home with our 2015 Colour of the Year.

Precious metal

Hovering between terracotta and dusky pink, copper orange is a wonderfully warm colour that evokes sun-soaked autumn days. This hue creates an upbeat mood in any room, making it no surprise that copper orange has been chosen as our Colour of the Year 2015.

Designer dreams

From Milan to Madrid, Stockholm to Shanghai, metallic colours are playing a big role in modern design. For a contemporary look, why not try pairing this copper hue with cool greys or use earthy shades to create a welcoming glow.

Worth its weight in gold

Make copper orange the star of the show by teaming it with subtle neutrals, or give it some zing with a touch of bright canary yellow. We think this colour is at its best when glammed up with metal accents, such as gold, brass and, of course, copper. This sophisticated shade makes a perfect backdrop that shows off the richly luminous tones of copper accessories – why not add a metallic plate or vase to really make your colour scheme shine?

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