Serene Violet

Delicate and refined elegance

If there is one colour where the whole is more than the sum of its parts, violet is in a class of its own. Often mistaken as purple, which is simply a mix of blue and red, violet itself is a true colour of its own within the light spectrum.

Unsurprisingly, with such a unique visual quality, violet is the preferred colour for royalty. Only discerning eyes see the intriguing depths of violet beyond the mere resemblance to purple.

Violet evokes many distinct emotions across its diversity of shades. On one end, bold violet shades give an aura of elegance and mystery. On the other end, pale violet hues appear pure and fresh.


Whatever the violet, it will be a stylish choice to complement any décor, so long as the shade is thoughtfully selected and applied.

Similar to gold, care has to be taken not to go too far with violet. Too much violet may be overwhelming for any interior. Lighter shades of violet though make a safe choice.

A romantic palette of soft violets such as lavender, lilac and heather creates the perfect cosy sanctuary. Be enchanted by the comfort of serene violet, where a quiet charm inspires a restful haven.


Dulux Point D’esprit pairs well with white walls and wooden furniture for a romantic dining room.

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