Art of a Calm Study Room Design

Art of a Calm Study Room Design

Have your ever thought of how study room design or wall painting design of the study room affect the learning? As colours have distinct characters and personalities, in the same way, they affect our mood and can contribute to improve our concentration and enhance our memory. If your study room design is not calm and positive, you will lapse your attention from study. So here are some must to try wall painting design to help you in learn and study better. 


Calming neutral colours like off-white helps in creating positive vibes and studiers engaged in their studies. White all over won’t distracts the attention and creates a soothing environment for the eyes as well.  


Adding mild yellow in the wall painting design creates a conducive space for learning, thinking, and stimulating brilliant ideas into practice. Yellow being smooth and calm fosters the productivity and creativity of the learns as it promotes comfort, positivity, and happiness. 


Being close to the nature colour, green creates a relaxed and fresh vibe in the space. If the space is already having very little light, use its lighter shades to reflect the sublimity of nature in radiant manner. To add warmth to the space and closer to nature feel, pair it with indoor plants, and woods in warm earthy tints.  


Our eyes observe colours and sends signals to our brain to align our responses with the energy of the space. If you want to improve your attentiveness and creativity, add pop of red without going overboard because too much of red can make you over excited or anxious. 


Pale and cool shades of purple impart calmness which makes space relaxed and serene which is very good for enhancing your learning and productivity. Being the calm in nature, purple hues help brain to make cognitive connections easily and let your child think and respond quick.   


Sky blue having tranquilizing and cool effect evokes a sense of freshness, so, it is a very apt colour for the study room. To balance the soothing effect of the colour, use the pops of other colours on furniture and linen without overstimulating them as too much soothing environment will make you feel like to take a nap more often.


It may sound little strange to you to have orange in your study room, but trust the vibes of the colour as orange balances the deviating tendency of the mind. It balances too soothing and too bold vibes which may otherwise hamper your focus. It keeps your mind alert, so you perform better. 

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