How colours can modify space perception

Let’s change the equation of coloration

Change the equation of coloration

Painting tricks to alternate size and mood of the living room and bedroom 

For spacious, luxurious, and modern bedroom design and living room ideas, we use the color tricks. If we talk about living room, bedroom, and bathroom designers, they have changed the game of colouration and there is too much to explore and create. The colour choice that living room ideas creators and bathroom designers splash on the walls can make or break the impression of an entire home. It’s up to you if you want to make your bedroom design look completely different, spacious, warm, and cosy, or simple or set a whole new feel and vibe. For your convenience, a few tried living room ideas and bedroom design hints are dropped here. So, let’s see how paint affects spaces’ size and mood and make you to achieve your goals.

  1. If you want to create an illusion of a wide, big and airy space, be it a room or bathroom, bathroom designers and room designers set out white and lighter tones on the house walls and ceiling. A space which looks small and compact gives claustrophobic, and uncomfortable feel. Instead of changing the entire structural design, relaying on colour’s art of illusion is far better and economical option at your disposal. And this you can do not only in living rooms, but also in bedrooms and kitchen area.  

  2. Dark shades set out an intimate vibe in the space. So, if you want to have a cosy look and feel, all over white walls won’t go long way. Choose darker shades of the colour palette and be bold with your choice to get an intimate and cosy space where you can sit with your family and have deep conversations or chill together even if you have a small family. Having one wall in dark and others in light may not be just enough to get cosy, comfortable, and pleasant feel, so paint all or at least two walls in dark get.

  3. If you want to have illusion of high ceiling, paint walls with dark and ceiling with light colour. Today ceilings are comparatively low, but you can create a high ceiling illusion by just painting the dark and deep hues on room’s walls and light and neutral shades on the ceiling because it makes your ceiling look at higher distance. This is a great way to experience that paint cannot only create illusion about width, but length of the space too. In case you want your ceiling to appear lower, just do the opposite. Paint dark colour on the ceiling and light on the walls. Doing so will create an intimate, warm, and inviting space. 

  4. To make space look open, wide, and functional, paint accent wall and ceiling in dark tone as it makes a huge difference in the appearance of the house. One single colour on the accent wall and ceiling and light on other walls brings an illusive effect of a wider room space. And if you want to get a balanced narrow look, paint opposite side walls in dark colour. This is an amazing hack. 
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