Bright red paint on the bottom half of the room creates height and hides wear and tear.
Kids’ room? Get practical with paint

Kids’ room? Get practical with paint

Mask bedroom messiness with tough paint and colour tricks.

Let’s face it; walls rarely stay pristine when curious children are around, especially in bedrooms where balls get kicked and artwork is created. The key is to choose a paint that has a durable finish and can be scrubbed and washed easily.

If clutter and mess tend to be a problem, paint the walls a cool neutral that will help create an illusion of space, like pale duck egg, soft pink, lilac or mauve. You could also create a lively focal point by painting the bottom of the wall a vibrant hue (ask your little one for input) and the top half a bright-white. The bright bottom half will mask scuffs and mess while the white will help enhance the room’s natural light.

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