A sophisticated and calming living room created with the Dulux Ambiance Essentials color palette

How to use the Dulux Ambiance Essentials colors in your home

See how the beautiful whites and pale neutrals of the Essentials palette can bring calm and sophistication to a room

When you crave the simple things in life, it’s time to consider what’s important and valuable to you. That’s what the Essentials color palette is all about, editing things down to create a look of timeless beauty. Our team of global color specialists have created this collection of failsafe shades –  from gently-colored whites to pale neutrals – to capture a light and airy mood in your home.

It’s a versatile, fuss-free palette that can be used to create a range of elegant and enduring looks from sophisticated low-key luxury, to a easygoing look for relaxed lifestyles.

A laid-back living room

In the calming living room above, a bright white space is enhanced by a wrap-around zone painted in tranquil pale blue, while rough-hewn woods and natural rattan add to the laid-back effect. Lots of cushions and throws in warm neutrals suggest an atmosphere of relaxed comfort, while touches of black bring definition to the whole look.

Which colors?

LN.01.82 / 10GG 72/022
GN.00.87 / 93YY 89/012
HN.02.85 / 89YY 80/039

An elegant dining space

A simple, peaceful dining area created with the Dulux Ambiance Essentials color palette

In this contemporary dining area, an atmosphere of peace and calm reigns. Walls have been painted in a delicate cream and pale grey. These shades, along with the netural grey of the floor, help to emphasise the clean lines of the minimalist space.

White furniture and accessories also help to draw out the subtle charms of this palette, while a collection of ceramic dishes in neutral colors provide a beautiful focal point.

Which colors?

QN.00.73 / 30GG 61/010
F6.05.79 / 44YY 69/069

A calm and comforting nursery

A simple and soothing child’s bedroom created with the Dulux Ambiance Essentials color palette

The Essentials palette is perfect for creating a tranquil bedroom for a baby or young child. The horizontal split effect on the wall, painted in a pale peach up top and warm beige below, makes for a soothing space with a creative touch.

Furniture in warm, natural wood and wicker adds to the cosy mood, while crisp white fabrics and pale accessories help to keep things beautifully simple.

Which colors?

C7.04.83 / 50YR 78/064
E6.04.71 / 04YY 54/056

A serene place to sleep

A serene bedroom created with the Dulux Ambiance Essentials color palette

For a peaceful and pared-back look, walls and woodwork are painted in the same soothing classical stone-white shade and teamed with grey-washed parquet floors and crisp cotton bedding. Plain wooden furniture and fresh flowers create a calming finishing touch.

Which colors?

F6.05.79 / 44YY 69/069
E6.04.71 / 04YY 54/056

A pure and simple kitchen

In this light and bright kitchen, the minimalist extractor hood cover is painted in the same muted grey as the walls and kitchen cabinets to create a sculptural effect. Meanwhile the cabinet doors cleverly echo the pale cream color of the walls for a coherent look that embodies understated chic.

Wooden furniture and flooring build on this natural look while white accessories bring out the subtle charms of this color scheme.

Which colors?

HN.02.85 / 89YY 80/039
ON.00.81 / 08GG 72/006

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