A room decorated in pastels doesn’t have to look childlike. Here’s how to create a pastel-hued space that exudes sophistication.
Exude elegance with pastels

Exude elegance with soft pastel shades

For a chic style, look no further than this grown-up palette.

Classic style

To create an elegant look, look for pastel shades with an undertone of grey in them. Think muted, faded hues like blue-grey, mauve, dusky lilac and eau de nil.

Here, a mauve purple has been paired with a moody blue-grey – a combination that’s soft yet sophisticated. Natural accessories, like a sisal rug and straw baskets, add to the room’s classic feel.

Mix and match

Baby blue and soft pink is a match made in pastel heaven, but when creating your grown-up colour scheme, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations.

For a look that mimics nature, pair smoky lilac with pale, washed-out eu de nil or tend towards the brighter end of the spectrum and combine sherbet lemon with mint green. If you’d like to add more depth to your colour combinations, add a splash of colour in a darker hue to the one you’re using.

For example, if your pastel colour scheme is chalky blue and buttery yellow, you could add a sofa in a dark blue hue with cushions in a brighter blue, like ultramarine, to match. Or add a dash of black – nothing grounds a room like a hint of charcoal or ebony.

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