Light and dark shades of blue paint create the ombre effect on a living room wall.
Create a striking effect with ombre

Create a striking effect with ombre

Achieve the ombre look by layering paint in graduating colours.

The ombre gradient trend can be seen everywhere at the moment, from the runway and home décor to hair colour and floral design. The gradients of colour are created by using palettes of graduating colours that shift subtly in layers from light to dark.

Bring the trend to your walls with simple but effective stripes of paint, feathered delicately into one another with uneven brush strokes for a fluid, artistic look. Layer pale and dark versions of the same colour together for a harmonious feel or make a style statement and choose complimentary colours, like sky blue and burnt orange or mustard yellow and dark violet. This super-stylish look is all about getting creative so pick your palette and have some fun.

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