For sophisticated old-world style, look no further than this grown-up palette of antique gold and lustrous copper.
Create nostalgia with shades of gold

Create a nostalgic look with shades of antique gold

Go back in time with dreamy tones of antique gold and lustrous copper.

In this maddeningly modern world, it's comforting to know that the colours of the past continue to surround us through fashion, design and interiors. Hues of soft, dreamy antique gold can currently be seen everywhere, from the catwalks in New York and Paris to the vintage image filters that give our digital photos a nostalgic look.

Used in the home, tones of antique gold and lustrous copper add a sense of sophistication, while the muted yellow undertones evoke an uplifting, cosy feel. For a modern look, combine yellowy gold with crisp white or mimic the glamorous Art Deco era by pairing antique gold with soft, aged accents of rose and pale parchment.

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