Using light colours, shapes and textures to stimulate your senses.
Light natural room

Create a natural living space

Use light colours, shapes and textures to create a natural living space.

By varying not only the colours you choose for your walls, but also your use of shapes, material, texture and light, you can create refreshing and surprising spaces throughout your home.

Use a touch of nature

Mix between paint in soft hues and leaving some materials in their natural state.
Natural material still life

“When you think about the senses, don’t forget that touch is just as important as sight,” says Willeke Jongejan, Senior Colour Designer at the Global Aesthetic Centre. “A palette of light whites combines brilliantly with natural, tactile materials such as wood.”

Continue your colour scheme onto items of furniture such as tables and chairs – but also be prepared to leave exposed areas in their natural state. If you’re feeling adventurous, play with blending between painted and unpainted sections of wall or furniture – and use natural elements to soften the overall look. Clay accessories, plants and even bare branches can add to the overall effect.

Add a hint of surprise

Consider tone-on-tone colour combinations both within rooms and between rooms.
Minimal kitchen

“Think about different aspects of the rooms you’re decorating,” says Willeke. “In other words – where you’ll be sat, which way will you be looking, and what might catch your eye?” Colour schemes and tone-on-tone combinations should be considered not simply in individual rooms, but also between rooms.

Think of the impression you’ll get when the door is ajar, and consider the transition between rooms that serve different purposes – from a home office to a sitting room or kitchen, for instance.

Paint with light

Paint with light by considering how colour schemes will work with sunlight and shade.
Sunlit table

“People talk about light all the time, but often they don’t consider where it falls across a wall or a piece of furniture,” says Willeke. “Look at where your windows are positioned and arrange your palette and furnishings so that it plays across them in delightful ways.” Mix up hard and soft surfaces as well as contrasting hues – and consider what will cast a shadow and create reflections.

Find your natural space

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Get the look with these paints:

S0.10.50 / 87BG 27/077
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G9.03.88 / 83YY85/038
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