A two-toned paint effect is a clever way of adding instant impact to any space.
Create impact with a two-toned paint effect

Create impact with a two-toned paint effect

Two-toned walls can give any space a whole new look.

If you’ve narrowed your wall colour down to two similar shades but can’t quite pick between them, why not try pairing them together and creating a two-toned paint effect? This look is inspired by horizontal molding, such as dado (chair) rails, but there's no need for special architectural detailing to achieve this effect in your home.

The traditional approach is to paint the top half of the room a lighter colour than the lower half. This makes the ceilings appear higher and will completely change the look of the room. Use a spirit level and a pencil to mark out a straight line about one third of the way up the wall, and tape off the divide with masking tape. We recommend painting the lighter colour first, so if there are any drips they’ll be easier to cover up when you paint the lower half of the room.

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