Pair colours with natural materials to create a healthy and environmentally-friendly home.
Creating a healthy and environmentally-friendly home

4 ways to use floral shades in your home

See how the subtlety of floral palettes works from room to room to create a sustainable sanctuary, bringing in nature and improving overall wellbeing.

The colours you choose for your home not only add a touch of personality but can also affect the mood. Pairing certain colours with objects made from natural materials can help in creating a healthy habitat that is also environmentally friendly. And while the idea of a floral palette might bring to mind the bright and intense tones of blooming flowers, the secret to success lies in natural neutrality.

Creating a sense of space

Use understated tones inspired by nature to create a sense of spaciousness
Create a sense of space with natural tones

Muted lilacs and pinks are perfect for turning a living room into a serene sanctuary. The understated tones complement each other and create spaciousness. Paired with white, these colours capture the feeling of early morning brightness. This combination brings pot plants to life, as the vibrant shades of green contrast with the surrounding neutral colours.

Top Tip: By introducing plants into your space and using water-based paints on your walls, you’ll improve the air quality in your room.

Which paints?

W0.05.65 / 10RB 49/062

U0.07.76 / 50BB 63/094

Your secret garden

Romantic but enigmatic, the ‘Secret Garden’ colour trend is perfect for creating soothing spaces within your home.
Create romance with soft shades

Contrasting shades like pastel violet and pale mint create a garden-like ambience. The power of neutral colours is in their ability to highlight the bright tones in a room and open up a space.

Earthy browns and wooden furniture enrich the garden effect, while glossy whites balance the subdued tones. The addition of a floral print and indoor plants give an extra hint of the outdoors, creating your very own secret garden.

Top Tip: Using soft shades means you’ll be less reliant on strong lighting to open and brighten up a space. Saving you money and saving the planet’s energy.

Which paints?

WN.02.77 / 10RB 65/042

R7.04.78 / 70BG 68/056

A hue haven

Create a feeling of serenity with dove grey and a touch of dusk rose.
A serene backdrop

Not every room needs contrasting colours; there is tranquillity in consistency. Dove grey with a touch of dusk rose makes a great backdrop to this bedroom. The use of silver, mauve and creams, creates a feeling of serenity and peacefulness.

Top Tip: The addition of organic wall hangings, plants and floral-patterned bed sheets adds texture and accentuates the palette’s nature-inspired theme.

Which paints?

SN.01.85 / 59BB 81/022

WN.02.82 / 10RB 74/038

Naturally bold

Clever paint techniques can help you to ‘upcycle’ old furniture to fit with your lifestyle.
Lilac room with green chairs

Floral colours can be used in adventurous pairings to create a nurturing, relaxing home environment. A muted purple and pine green produce a woodland quality, enhanced by the addition of wooden furniture or flooring. Dark details emphasise the richness of the purple, while still preserving its subtlety.

Top tip: Buying furniture made from renewable materials like wood is both a great way of achieving your nature-inspired look and kinder to the planet.

Which paints?

Y7.03.63 / 10RR 41/042

N8.51.30 / 90GG 11/295

Carefully chosen colours and nature-inspired palettes can have a positive impact on you and your home.

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