Pleasurable Living Room Ideas

Pleasurable Living Room Ideas

Dolled-up living room in variety of colours enlightens your mood and let you rejoice the family time. It’s the center of the house from where the homely feeling originates. It’s the place where entire family sits, talks, and enjoys morning tea to evening snacks with lots of giggle and fun. So, it should be a place which is enliven as the entire house drives its energy from this favorite juncture. Always a fresh and positive vibe should stay in your living room in order to make the entire home a happening and welcoming place. And if you are thinking how to do it, stay with us to know amazing living room ideas. 

When colours can groom us, why cannot they groom our houses. So, if you are planning to make up your newly built or dull and drowsy living room design, let’s have a colourful ride together to gather living room designs and living room ideas which are going to make your living room look like as if you painted it yesterday.  

Wash and brush up walls with blue, white, and gray

Before starting to design, paint and your chosen living room ideas, always make sure that the colours you are choosing are going well with the flooring and the space of the house. However, the combination of blue, white, and gray is not only going to reflect as a well-turned idea, but it’s also safe to play with.

Blue is one of the best suited colour if used smartly with the shades of gray. As the high and deep intensity of blue absorbs the calmness of gray in the most graceful manner which makes you feel that the energies of each colour are in harmony with another. Paint that wall in blue which you want attract most of your attention. And colour the opposite wall in bright white. Paint gray on the wall next to the center wall and beautify the inner corners of the window with blue. The combination and contrast of blue with two neutral colours is going to balance the entire space of the living room and you can see it’s a deal not to miss.  

Since we are focusing on our living room design and enlivening it so why to ignore furnishing and décor of it. After awakening the walls, it’s time to infuse the tempting luxurious feel in the room by placing light shades (white and gray both can go well) sofa with blue and lightest shade of same blue cushions resting on them. Use a white carpet on the flooring if it’s in dark colour for placing wooden center table. If there is some space to place one or two designer stools or chairs, pick the blue colour for them. Also, if you feel the need to place a cabinet table in any corner, that will also go well with the idea, but colour of the table should be in contrast to the colour of wall against which you are going to lean it on. 

Next very crucial thing that you need to be really focused on is the colour and type of curtains and draping. If you are to use them on blue wall, then you should go for lighter shades. Or if you are choosing them for white or gray walls, you can pick blue with either gray or white in combination or contrast. Also make sure that you decorate the living room with unique and antique sculptures and radiating vases with few cool plants, flowers, pebbles, different sort of crafts and light, but all of this we are leaving leaving to you.